Saab to celebrate Chinese and Russian partnerships with global tour

So far in 2011, Saab has been riding a ragged roller-coaster filled with major ups and downs. Just recently, however, things have been trending more positively. Saab inked a deal with Chinese automaker Hawtai that will pump in millions of dollars, and open up major inroads to the vastly expanding auto industry in China. The Swedish automaker is understandably excited by this new deal, and has decided to embark on a global tour to highlight its new partnerships.

Besides discussing its new manufacturing teammate Hawtai, Saab will also bring Russian investor Vladimir Antonov along for the ride, once his deals have gone through. Victor Muller, Saab Chairman, wants the world to meet Saab's newest partners. All involved parties will be hitting the road to reach out to the world-wide media, once all respective deals have been finalized and approved.

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