Mitsubishi interested in electric Formula 1 series

Mitsubishi has expressed serious interest in FIA president Jean Todt's proposed electric F1 series. The idea is in its infancy, and there is long way to go before silent F1 cars are zipping around the world's best racing circuits, but interest from the brand gives the idea a bit of a boost.

Over the last two years, Mitsubishi has significantly reduced its motorsports participation, beginning with its withdrawal from the 2009 Dakar Rally. That, coupled with the recent controversy surrounding the future of the Lancer Evolution, has elicited criticism that the Mitsubishi is moving in an anti-motorsports direction.

Company brass say that isn't true. Mitsubishi claims it's very interested in electric-vehicle racing as a way to speed up EV technology development and make advancements in its future road vehicles. Still, we'd wager it'll be years before an electric Evo hits the streets.

[Source: Mainichi Daily News]

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