Report: Honda working on hybrid Goldwing?

It looks as if Honda may be toying with the notion of bringing hybrid technology to the motorcycle world. According to Motorbiker, the Japanese manufacturer filed a patent for a hybrid bike complete with a detailed drawing of the machine. The interesting part is that the line sketch fits pretty well with the profile of the company's Goldwing; a bike that's built for sucking up mile after mile of comfortable interstate cruising. As Motorbike points out, most hybrids are happiest off of the highway, which makes the big cruiser an odd platform choice for a battery pack.

We would have thought that the company's CBR250R would have been a more fitting bike to bestow the glory of electric motivation upon, but that's just us. The small commuter is built to spend time in stop and go traffic and field quick runs about town, which would be perfect for the fuel-economy optimizing attributes of a hybrid. Of course, all of those battery packs have to fit somewhere and a Goldwing has plenty of space on board. Head over to Motorbiker to check out the patent drawing and the full patent for yourself.

[Source: Motorbiker]

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