Video: Toyota Prius parts used in hybrid roller coaster build

Hybrid Synergy Drive-powered roller coaster – Click above to watch video after the jump

Toyota has teamed with Pittsburgh, PA-based Deeplocal's engineering team to build a custom-designed and fabricated roller coaster car that makes use of numerous Hybrid Synergy Drive components stripped straight from a Prius. For this demonstration project, the Deeplocal crew disassembled a 2011 Prius and used the engine, wiring harness, batteries and more in its prototype coaster cart.

Next, a track was assembled to demonstrate the braking of the roller coaster car over short distances, with the goal being to determine whether or not the Prius' regenerative braking system could generate a copious amount energy. Once completed, the coaster cart hit speeds of approximately 15 miles per hour when dropped from a 10-foot starting point. During braking, the coaster cart generated approximately 30 amps of current at 200 volts coming from the Hybrid Synergy Drive.

In the end, Deeplocal says that the simulation illustrated that the Hybrid Synergy Drive system could potentially generate sufficient juice during braking to power some amusement park items. Hit the jump to watch as various components from Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive come together in Deeplocal's custom-designed roller coaster car.

[Source: You Tube, Toyota]

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