Spirra shows you how it crafts supercars

Oullim Motors Spirra build process – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Supercar manufacturers are in a very exclusive club that really isn't all that easy to get into. After all, it's hard to get a buyer to fork over a couple hundred thousand dollars for a two-seater, no matter how quick it is.

Those obstacles didn't stop Oullim Motors from developing the hand-made Spirra, and we're kind of glad they did. The Spirra's design isn't revolutionary by any stretch, but a 2,600-pound supercar with up to 500 horsepower routed to the rear wheels sounds pretty good to us.

And if you just want to look like you own an exotic, you can even opt for a run of the mill, naturally aspirated 2.7-liter V6 variant with 175 horsepower. We have no idea why anyone would do that, but the option is available.

Follow the jump to watch a three-minute video that shows some of the care that goes into building the Spirra. There are no assembly lines, materials are sewn with only a human and a sewing machine and the designers apparently started with a pencil and a piece of paper as opposed to a bunch of modeling computers.

[Source: YouTube]

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