Honda NSX development soldiers on

Automotive News reports that the long-dead NSX is back under development after its spiritual successor was sent to the round file in 2008. We've heard an increasing chorus of rumors that the project has been taken off the shelf, but this is the first time we can recall reading direct quotes from higher-ups within Honda confirming its existence. Takanobu Ito, Honda's President, reportedly disclosed that his company is currently working on a successor that will be both entertaining to drive and efficient, which likely means buyers can expect to be met with a hybrid drivetrain when the supercar launches. When will that be? Ito didn't give specific details on when the new-generation NSX will land, though he did say that the racer will be the brawnier bigger brother of the company's CR-Z hybrid.

That means that we can kiss the luscious V10 mounted in the old HSV-010 goodbye. That vehicle was intended to be the most recent take on the NSX, but was scrapped after the auto market at large began circling the drain back in 2008. While fans of the Japanese supercar were up in arms over the fact that the HSV-010 abandoned the mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive finesse of the original NSX for an all-wheel drive platform, we have to imagine many NSX loyalists might not have kind words for a hybridized version of the bruiser.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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