Repo Games reality show gives debtors chance to win their pink slips

Repo Games trailer – Click above to watch the video after the jump

We've never had a car repossessed, but we imagine it's a painful ordeal. That doesn't mean that it won't make a great game show, however, as the producers of Jersey Shore have created Repo Games. The premise is simple; real repo guys are taking real cars, but with a twist. If a vehicle owner/contestant answers three out of five questions correctly, the vehicle isn't towed, and the winner gets to keep the vehicle outright.

Tru TV, which will air the show, says that people from all walks of life sometimes have trouble making their car payments. Still, we're guessing that many of the show's contestants will be hard-luck types. Hit the jump to watch the three-minute promo video. Many of the questions from the clip appear to be absurdly simple, though the answers aren't always that easy to come by.

[Source: EW via YouTube]

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