Vectrix lives on with expanded electric scooter lineup

It appears that Vectrix has emerged from bankruptcy with a bang. Back in September 2009, the electric scooter maker officially filed for bankruptcy. Now, the New Bedford, MA-based company has revealed a lineup of emissions-free scooters that seem to indicate that it's ready to get back in on the two-wheeling action. Jeff Simpson, Vectrix's global marketing manager says that:
We have now tripled our product line. We are not standing still. We are moving forward.
Vectrix, which touts its scooters as zero-emission and virtually noiseless, is rolling out the VX-1 LI and Li+, the latest generation of its flagship model. Both the VX-1 LI and VX-1 Li+ feature lithium-ion batteries and range, for the Li+ model, is listed at a healthy 55-85 miles. In addition, Vectrix is launching the VX-2, a smaller, low-speed (30 miles per hour) urban commuter model. Then there's the VX-3, a three-wheeler that's capable of hitting 68 mph and boasts a range of up to 80 miles. If you're contemplating purchasing a scooter, Vectrix hopes that the claim that it only costs a penny a mile to drive one of these electric two-wheelers intrigues you.

[Source: South Coast Today]

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