Stanford starts new program all about the automobile

You may think you know cars, but a new program at Stanford may enlighten you on a whole new level. The "Revs" program, which is taught by Stanford Communications Professor Clifford Nass, links the school's engineering program with its design program.
Nass says the goal of the program is "to create a vital and much-deserved intellectual community around the car as technological and aesthetic artifact and cultural symbol." Stanford, which has a thriving technical school that feeds Silicon Valley, is in a unique position of focusing on the upcoming technological needs of the next generation of cars and trucks.

The program was jump-started on Thursday, April 7, with a day-long symposium penned "Celebrating the Automobile." Sounds like the life we live every day, but we rarely do so in the company of a 1933 Bentley once owned by English racing legend Eddie Hall. The celebration included scholars, experts and Le Mans Series auto racer Duncan Dayton in an effort to create an "auto-biography" of the Bentley.

[Source: New York Times]

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