Angular Tirrito Ayrton R debuts in Monaco

The Tirrito Ayrton first reared its razor-edged head in 2009, looking like something Predator would drive if he was in the market for a supercar. For this year's Top Marques Monaco, Tirrito has rolled out the Ayrton R , the lighter, more powerful version of Predator's chosen mode of transportation.

Questionable styling aside, the Ayrton R packs a tuned version of the BMW 5.0-liter V10 from the last-generation M5 and M6, which should produce around 630 horsepower. That's a lot by anyone's standards, but in a car that tips the scales at a scant 1,980 pounds, it's downright ridiculous. For those keeping track, that equals 3.3 pounds per pony.

Tirrito hasn't released much in the way of performance figures, but we can only assume they're as gaudy as the Ayrton R's bodywork. For a full gallery of the Tirrito Ayrton R, head over to

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