Report: 24 new track logos discovered on Gran Turismo 5 website

Gran-Turismo 5 promo at El Capitan – Click above to watch the video after the jump

There are some truly fanatical Gran Turismo gamers out there. Case in point? GT Planet Gamer Yonis was searching the GT5 website when he unlocked the key to a treasure trove of unused track titles. Yonis reportedly stumbled upon the image directory in a GT5-specific part of the site, and none of the tracks are available on the game.

el capitanOur first thought when we saw the track logos was that the folks at Polyphony Digital could find it in their hearts to offer the tracks at a future update. GT Planet points out that El Capitan was already spotted at the Red Bull "Horse Power" trailer, so we know at least some of these tracks can be on the way to our PS3s. Another possibility is that Polyphony Digital could be saving the tracks for a later pay-for-play add-on to GT5 like the Need for Speed franchise did with the Ferrari Racing Pack for Shift.

Head over to GT Planet to check out all 24 track logos, and you can hit the jump to watch the GT5 trailer with El Capitan one more time.

[Source: GT Planet]

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