Lito Green Motion introduces the Sora, a 185-mile electric street fighting, café racing bobber

Lito Green Motion Sora – Click above for high-res image gallery

The curtains have just lifted on the Sora electric motorcycle from Lito Green Motion. The result of two years of development work by a small group of bike-loving engineers, the unique design spins threads of inspiration from café racers, street fighters and the bobber and weaves them into a carbon-fiber quilt of awesome. While we'll have to wait until Montreal's Formula 1 weekend in June before the wraps come off the Quebec-based company's prototype, their website tells us much of what we can expect in the way of performance and technology.

With a 12 kWh lithium polymer battery supplying the juice for its liquid-cooled, three-phase AC induction motor, the Sora is said to offer up to 185 miles (300 km) on a charge. Other performance figures also look more than adequate. Its 59 lb-ft of torque at the crank kick the bike up to 60 miles per hour in about four seconds while the continuously variable transmission (CVT) helps keep the acceleration coming all the way to 120 mph. High-end suspension and brake components bring you safely to quick stop.

This pony has a number of tricks including eco, performance and "safe range" modes – this last one uses the integrated GPS to dish out the energy in a way that ensures you reach the destination that you input via the sweet embedded touch screen. The feature we want to try out first though is the electric seat. You can adjust the saddle height with the touch of a button to accommodate both your body type and riding style. Go high to battle city traffic, lower for open road and higher speeds.

The price tag reads $42,399 in Canadian currency ($44,080 U.S. at today's exchange rates) and deliveries are said to begin this October. Check out the gallery below for a closer look and if you happen to think of a (legal) way of making mega-bucks quick, let us know.

[Source: Lito Green Motion]

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