Video: Dexter Work Sled is one neat creeper

Dexter Work Sled – Click above to watch the video after the break

Anyone who's tried a creeper when working under a car knows that it's far from a perfect solution. Designer Stéphan Angoulvant saw an opportunity to improve upon the status quo for casual users and car enthusiasts alike. After testing an inexpensive, commonly bought creeper, it became clear to Angoulvant just how much these units hinder, rather than help.
The thought process that brought the Dexter Work Sled to fruition pondered how to develop an emotional tie (other than anger and frustration) to our creepers. From there, the "what ifs" included a wearable vest with tank treads, and finally settled on a hammerhead shark-inspired shape rendered in molded plywood like the famous Eames chairs.
The result is a creeper that's beautiful and functional, with integrated magnets and LED work lights. The wheels have been pushed out to the sled's edges, allowing them to be larger, and an easy-to-use brake lets users really crank down on stubborn fasteners without having their work platform slip out from under them. Of course, it's a nice-looking piece on its own, and it'd be a shame to stain it with oil spills. Check out a video of the sled in action (with a slick mid-'60s Lincoln) after the jump.

[Source: Core77]

Dexter from Stéphan Angoulvant on Vimeo.

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