Siemens launches 22 kW Charge CP700A plug-in vehicle charger

Siemens is readying the launch of its 22 kW Charge CP700A plug-in vehicle charger in Europe. The German firm claims that the CP700A can charge up a typical electric car's battery pack to full capacity in less than 60 minutes.
The CP700A can charge battery-powered vehicles at different rates. For example, electric two-wheelers, which are typically charged through a household plug, can be hooked to and charged by the CP700A at a reduced 3.7 kW. This is made possible by the CP700A's ability to communicate with the vehicle and determine whether or not it can support charging at the maximum (22 kW) current or only at a reduced level.

Siemens electrical mobility team head Ralph Griewing says that the CP700A makes charging as simple as fueling up a vehicle with gasoline. With simplicity and safety in mind, Siemens equipped the CP700A with a display screen that guides users through the charging process and a power socket that doesn't have voltage until the command to commence charging is given. Prototypes of the CP700A have been in use in Germany and the 22 kW chargers will soon swing into action to charge up the EU-sponsored Green eMotion project.

[Source: Siemens]

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