Apple asks Toyota to quit advertising on jailbroken iPhones

The Apple iPhone has thousands of approved apps that can do just about anything, from gaming to finances. But there is also a seedy, unauthorized set of jailbreak apps that some cutting edge iPhone users can't live without. Apple is likely none too pleased with these independent apps, but the tech conglomerate hasn't expended much effort to eradicate them from this planet. Yet.

We're guessing that it just hasn't been worth the fuss (or legal bills) to shut down app stores like ModMyi, since the apps aren't raking in the money that Apple craves. But then something happened. Toyota, of all companies, began to advertise its Scion brand on ModMyi, which no doubt wrinkles Apple's feathers due to the fact that it started the iAd program to collect revenue.

The aforementioned app apparently didn't sit too well with Apple, which reportedly asked Toyota to cease its agreement with ModMyi. TUAW (a sister site of Autoblog) reports that the Japanese automaker has fulfilled the request. The company responsible for the ad buy reportedly called and canceled the advertising, adding that Apple called Toyota directly to kill the ad. Toyota pulled the ad to "maintain their good relationship with Apple."

[Source: TUAW]

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