Check out the EPA's new electric vehicle page

We're guessing our regular readers have been to the EPA's site before, but if you haven't visited in a while, there is a lot of new content worth checking out. Most notably is a new page dedicated solely to electric vehicles.

The site does a great job of listing the most relevant information such as everything you would see on the new window sticker including city/hwy miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (MPGe), annual fuel cost and range. In addition, there is info that you won't find on the sticker like the cost to drive 25 miles (perhaps a typical commute) and the time to charge the battery on both 120v and 240v power.

Things get a bit more interesting when you click on the New and Upcoming Vehicles section where they've split EVs into 3 categories: Currently Available, Coming Soon, and Concept and Field Test EVs. The coming soon section contains price, release date, range, top speed figures, and other stats on 10 vehicles which noticeably excludes the Aptera (which may mean they haven't been able to raise any money yet). Nonetheless, just looking at the impressive amount of EVs on the site (17 in all) makes you think that even if a few don't make it to market, the next few years are going to give us many more plug-ins to choose from. The EPA says so.


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