Barcelona gets free electric motorcycle, scooter charging stations

Barcelona, Spain has officially launched a program that aims to have 15 electric motorcycle/scooter charging stations with six plug-in points each installed around the city. The stations will offer free charging, at least until 2012, and be managed by Mobecpoint and installed by Iberdola. Mobecpoint's unique system allows electric motorcycle and scooter owners to reserve a plug-in spot via smartphone or Internet and notifies them when their two-wheeler is charged up. To further promote the use of the electric two-wheelers, Mobecpoint will establish a motorcycle/scooter sharing fleet at local hotels and on university campuses.

The City Council of Barcelona believes that at least 2,000 electric vehicles will be in use in the area by 2012. It calls itself a pioneer in the plug-in revolution and has enough charging stations in and around the city to fill up some 120 electric vehicles simultaneously. By year's end, that number should hit 300. The City Council's website, Live Barcelona, displays via Google Maps the substantial amount of plug-in points that already dot the Spanish city. Hat tip to David!

[Source: Treehugger]

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