Report: Jeremy Clarkson accused of affair with Top Gear coworker

The British tabloid press has exploded with rumors and reports that Jeremy Clarkson has been getting his David Letterman on with a production assistant for the Top Gear World Tour. According to reports, Clarkson has been cheating on his wife of 18 years with a 42-year-old blonde named Phillipa Sage.
Witnesses claim they saw Clarkson and Sage kissing publicly and sharing hotel rooms in Australia and Norway.

Clarkson said he's shocked to find himself "the next Tiger Woods," while his alleged mistress has taken to the press to call the reports "nonsense." Sage went on to say it's not unusual for Top Gear colleagues to share hotel rooms.

Of course, nobody expected either of the two to readily and openly admit to any sordid negligence of marriage's sacred bond, particularly not when Top Gear is in hot water for its recent remarks about Mexico and up to its axles in a lawsuit with Tesla.

In the end, we don't much care what Clarkson does when he's away from home, in the privacy of an Australian hotel room. As for Clarkson's assertion that he's the next Tiger Woods, we'd wait on that claim until he has an early-morning run-in with an oak tree.

[Source: MetroUK, The First Post]

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