Video: Stig does donuts in Mitsubishi Evo-based London taxi

Stig goes round and round in a London Taxi – Click above to watch video after the jump

Top Gear Live is the traveling version of the world's greatest show about cars. Part of that extravaganza includes The Stig, and he likes to showcase his driving talents to the crowd. One thing that doesn't require much skill, however, is a burnout. Supply Stiggy with a proper car, let him loose, and the result will be ruined tires, smoke and many cheering fans. Is it that easy if the car being used is a London Taxi?

It is when beneath the glossy black people-mover body sits a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The result is far better than the Cash Cab, and we think the Stig agrees. Click past the jump to watch two clips of the Evo taxi in action. Thanks to all for the tips.

[Source: YouTube via CarScoop]

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