Report: Ally Financial files IPO paperwork

Ally Financial, formerly GMAC Financial, has filed the paperwork necessary for an Initial Public Offering. The Detroit News reports that the filing will go to the Securities and Exchange Commission for approval before Ally can go public; a process that could take months. The federal government, which owns 74 percent of the lending arm due to its $17.2 billion 2009 bailout, is the only party listed as a stockholder.
The next step for Ally Financial is to go on a tour to entice investors to buy into the financial firm in advance of the SEC's decision. Ally isn't yet close to announcing a price for the stock, nor has the government disclosed the amount of shares it plans to unload, but the DetNews reports that the fed plans to net $5.5 billion from the transaction. The government also owns $5.9 billion in convertible preferred stock.

General Motors still owns 9.9 percent of Ally Financial, but the automaker reportedly won't participate in the sale. The General did announce previously that it sold its preferred stock, though, for $1 billion.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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