Video: How to build your very own meat car

Epic Meal Time Meat Cars – Click above to view video after the jump

Working cars into your daily diet used to be a bit of a challenge, unless you regularly consume race car birthday cakes or something. That is, until now. The Canadian YouTube sensations at Epic Meal Time have solved your car guy culinary crisis with their latest creation: meat cars.

The body of the meat car is something like a highly modified sherpherd's pie, but instead of corn, they used macaroni and cheese. Bacon permeates everything the team does, from the ground beef and bacon skin of the shepherd's pie, to the beer and bacon grease batter, to the bacon grease buttery mashed potatoes.

Keeping things rolling along is a set of four salami wheels wrapped in onion tires and garnished with a healthy dose of chrome. These may be cars made of meat, but they do actually roll. Top that off with a candy (yes, actual candy) paint job, and you have a stylin', 23,266 calorie meat ride. Mildly NSFW language in the video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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