Video: Fully Charged gets exclusive ride in the Delta E4 Coupe

Delta E4 Coupe – Click above to watch video after the jump

The latest episode of Robert Llewellyn's plug-in-centric show Fully Charged has hit the Internet and this time 'round Llewellyn rides shotgun in the Delta E4 Coupe concept with technical director Nick Carpenter at the wheel.

Delta Motorsport
is a British engineering consultancy born out of competition. The carbon fiber-bodied E4 Coupe was initially developed to compete in Automotive X-Prize's mainstream class (it didn't make it very far in the competition). Today, Delta Motorsport refers to the E4 Coupe as an ultra-low energy vehicle and with its carbon fiber composite chassis, it's ultra lightweight too. The E4 supposedly gets up to 250 miles on a full charge. That's a sweet number, but only five of the electric coupes exist. That means that hopping the jump to catch video of Fully Charged's exclusive ride in the ultra-rare Delta E4 Coupe is probably your only chance to find your way inside. Hats off to Keith and Chris!

[Source: YouTube]

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