Tesla offers picture tour of Model S in Palo Alto powertrain facility

A new entry over on Tesla's Enthusiast Blog opens the door a little more to exactly what goes on in the company's Palo Alto headquarters. If you get a case of déjà vu when looking at the new pics it's probably because you read this feature from last week where we were given access inside the powertrain facility and allowed us to snap quite a few pictures. In the event you missed it, we highly recommend taking a look in the gallery below, as there are a lot of great images and details. Check out the impressively engineered, 7,000-cell, flat battery pack.

To quench your thirst for more images, head over to the Tesla blog where they have a nice photo tour of the facility complete with captions to guide you along the way. On display is the Model S and its very thick wiring harness, front sub-frame and a trio of bright orange bodies destined for crash testing. Might want to put a napkin under your chin if you're prone to drool over electric vehicle insides.

Tesla Model S Development Facility
Tesla Model S Development Facility
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[Source: Tesla]

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