In 2009, Concorso Italiano held a 25th anniversary reunion for the legendary 288 GTO, regarded as the first Ferrari supercar. The gathering was a resounding success, with fifteen examples showing up to break the record for the most 288 GTOs in one location at the same time. Concorso followed that up the next year with a stunning gathering of Ferrari F40s to celebrate the car's 20th birthday.

So what's next? The F50, of course. Concorso has announced that the third-generation Ferrari supercar will be honored at this year's event, and are currently putting out the call for owners to bring their prized possessions to Monterey in August. Just 349 were produced from 1995 to 1997, so anything more than a few in one place would be impressive.

You can view the galleries of the 288 GTO and F40 reunions below, and look for our Monterey coverage in August for a report on the F50 gathering.

Photos copyright ©2011 Drew Phillips / Frank Filipponio / AOL

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