Monterey 2009: Ferrari 288 GTO owners celebrate 25 years of the Ferrari supercar

Ferrari 288 GTO 25th anniversary reunion at Concorso Italiano - Click above for a high-res image gallery

With just 272 produced, the 288 GTO is the rarest of Ferrari's modern supercars. And because it wasn't officially sold here in the United States, there's just a slim chance you'll ever spot one on the road. However, with 2009 being the 25th anniversary of the 288 GTO's introduction, there was talk of organizing a record gathering that would bring many of the cars together. Joe Sackey, Italian car expert and author of the upcoming The Book of the Ferrari 288 GTO, took the reigns of organizing an event in Monterey this weekend, including a display of the cars at Concorso Italiano. We counted fifteen 288 GTOs in total, including an ultra-rare Evoluzione model that was used by Ferrari to develop the F40. Get your filling of Italian supercar goodness by browsing the high-res gallery below.

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