AutoblogGreen is not dead [Update: Still not dead]

We don't imagine many AutoblogGreen readers also frequent Jalopnik for their car news, but for those who do, we wanted to assure them that despite what Gawker's car site reports, ABG is neither being killed nor folded into Autoblog.
Jalopnik links to a Forbes article that lists AutoblogGreen as one of the brands going away in Huffington Post's strategy to consolidate brands in the new Huffington Post Media Group. It's true this was considered, but it was ultimately decided that AutoblogGreen is a healthy-enough property to leave as is.

In fact, AutoblogGreen sort of already is folded into Autoblog. It's actual URL is and we regularly publish its excellent green-focused auto content on Autoblog. To us it's more like a separately branded super category of Autoblog that's broken out for a new kind of green car enthusiast who cares more about MPGs than HP, i.e. you.

We apologize for having to bother you with this clarification. Despite being friendly with most of Jalopnik's staff, no one contacted us for confirmation or clarification on this report.

UPDATE: Despite Jalopnik's continued insistence that AutoblogGreen is being folded into Autoblog, this time with a quote from Mario Ruiz, the SVP of media relations for Huffington Post, I can again confirm that no such thing is happening. Jalopnik mistakenly received incorrect information from Mario, who has already communicated to the Gawker site that the information was incorrect and requested its post be corrected, which has yet to happen as of 7:00PM EST 3/27/11.

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