Report: Akerson's leadership, pricing strategies at GM drawing more fire

We know he's not a "car guy" but some think General Motors CEO Dan Akerson might not be a guy fit for a car company period. Akerson comes from the telecommunications world, and it seems some analysts believe it's that background that's driving him to cut costs and drive sales by means of heavy incentives and rebates.

GM has seen strong sales to start 2011, but other automakers are quick to point out these gains come courtesy of instant gratification tactics. By initially devaluing its product, GM also diminishes its future resale value. Additionally, customers shopping for a General Motors product will expect an incentive or rebate when they show up at their local dealership.

We haven't seen March sales figures yet, but as it was the month GM ended its current run of incentives and rebates, it will be interesting to see if sales take a dip as a result. Early estimates say that's the case, but we'll have to wait for the monthly By the Numbers to be sure.

[Source: MSNBC]

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