Stalk your old car like your old girlfriend with Check My Ride

I found it. After more than four years and 3,000 miles, my 1976 BMW 2002 is currently residing in Newberry, Florida, just east west of Gainesville. How did I track it down? A new website that allows you to plug in your long lost love's VIN (that's Vehicle Identification Number for those acronym averse) and spits out its last registered location.

Check My Ride from AutoCheck is a social network for cars, allowing you to build a profile, add vehicles, find your old hoopties and connect with their current owners. You can also import some of the data into Facebook and get a free history report on your current car.

Admittedly, AutoCheck is a big buggy at the moment (it took several tries to get the info on some of our past rides), but we're currently scouring our file cabinets for old maintenance folders and I'm trying to track down the VIN for my very first car, a (God help me) 1991 Plymouth Horizon. After that, I've gotta find the 1984 Supra, the 1970 510, the 1972 2002, the E36 318i...

[Source: Check My Ride via Wired]

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