Soleil Anadi coachbuilt Corvette headed for Top Marques Monaco

Soleil Anadi – Click above for image gallery

There's a grand old tradition of Italian coachbuilders rebodying Corvettes that stretches back for decades. And thankfully that tradition has been revived of late, giving us such radical creations as the Bertone Mantide and the Spada Codatronca. And now we can add one more to the mix.

Just shy of two years ago we brought you news of Ugur Sahin's Corvette Z03 design being put into production with input from a Corvette tuning house called Mallett Cars. Now it appears the final version, with some substantial tweaks to the styling, will be unveiled next month at the exclusive Top Marques show in Monaco.

Now carrying the nameplate Anadi and built under the Soleil Motors banner, the shape has apparently undergone some adjustments but is still recognizable as the same design. The see-through hood window, for example, is gone, as is the kink in the grille's lower lip, while the rear end features a more contemporary shape than the Daytona-like surface of the original design.

Overall, the Anadi still looks distinctly Sahin, and arguably more Corvette-like. But we'll have to wait another few weeks to see all the angles. In the meantime you can scroll through the few images available in the gallery below, the earlier design renderings in the one below that, and an earlier interpretation in the gallery after the break.

[Source: Top Marques Monaco]

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