Rendered Lamborghini Estoque wagon: The ultimate fantasy?

Ferrari and Lamborghini have been locked in a brass-knuckle battle ever since one man insulted the other over a clutch. Since then, the companies have matched each other move-for-move, so it's natural to expect a Lamborghini response to just-debuted Ferrari FF. Car and Driver has gone ahead and imagined what a Lamborghini Estoque might look like with a roof stretched all the way back.
Lamborghini itself hasn't even decided to put the four-door Estoque into production, let alone entertaining a shooting brake flight of fancy. That said, Ferrari's willingness to flip the script with the FF makes enthusiasts hopeful that there will be an answer. Wagons may be the car fan equivalent of an underground band, but the tongues of the mainstream will be wagging at warp speed when Lamborghini introduces its FF competitor, no matter what it looks like.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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