Corolla-based F430 replica not the worst Ferrari copy we've seen, sadly

Let's say you wanted to create a replica Ferrari. Your first move would undoubtedly be to acquire a Pontiac Fiero, but what if you lived in an area where Fieros are actually mythical beasts? Executive Modcar Trendz of India turned to one of the best-selling cars on the planet; the Toyota Corolla to create the one-off F430 you see here.

That's right folks, underneath this Rosso Fakeo paint job lies the beating heart of a Japanese compact car. The entire interior has been reworked so it more closely resembles the Ferrari F430 on which it's based.

What does it cost to go from gas-drinker to faux-corner-devourer? Around 10 Lakh, which translates to approximately $22,242 USD based on current conversion rates. Head over to IndianAutosBlog for a closer look at this Ferroyta Cor30.


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