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Yamaha unveils Power Beam damper to control motorcycle frame flex

Yamaha has introduced a new product aimed at dampening frame flex in motorcycles and scooters. All two-wheeled machines experience varying levels of deflection under hard riding, and while excess flex can give the impression of an unsettled machine, too little can numb the bike's handing at the limit. In order to find that Goldilocks sweet spot between the two extremes, Yamaha has introduced the Power Beam. The device soaks up energy from frame flex and converts it into heat energy, which is then dissipated. The company says that the device serves up a more comfortable, stable ride.

While you'd think that that the new tech would debut on the latest and greatest street rocket from Yamaha, the company says at first, the Power Beam will only be available on the company's T-Max scooter. From what we hear, the T-Max enjoys a fairly substantial tuning following and owners are quick to snap up the latest and greatest piece of kit from the Japanese manufacturer. There is some indication that the Power Beam may make its way to other products in the near future, however.

[Source: Visordown, Asphalt & Rubber]

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