Video: Shelby Cobra 427 vs Ferrari 458 Italia teased ahead of $400,000 drag fight

Ferrari 458 Italia versus Shelby Cobra with $400K on the line – Click above to watch video after the jump

Take a moment and pretend you're a wealthy man or woman. (If you're already wealthy, take a moment to enjoy the warm green glow from your money... otherwise, time to get back to pretending.) Would you rather spend your money on a modern Italian sportscar or a classic American muscle car?

Let's say you pick one and your wealthy friend picks the other... you'd probably want to take both to the track and see who bought the faster machine, right? That's just what the two folks in the following video do with a Ferrari 458 Italia and Shelby Cobra.

Not content with a basic Gentleman's Bet, the duo decide to put serious cash on the line. The winner of the race gets $400,000. The clip, which you can see after the jump, is just a teaser, but the full video is promised soon. Which car is going to make that quarter-mile trip in less time and have its owner walk away $400,000 richer, the Cobra or the Ferrari? Sound off in the comments.

[Source: YouTube via Zer Customs]

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