Canadian teens convert 1989 Toyota truck into electric dragster

Removing the engine from 1989 Toyota pickup truck

Students at the Delta Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada have spent the last two years converting a 1989 gasoline-fueled Toyota pickup truck into a battery-powered dragster. Now, with the four weeks left until it's race-ready, Casey Mynott, the school's automotive instructor, talked to Autopia and revealed details of the build.

Mynott said that his automotive class "started with the idea of a combustion engine racer like all other schools." However, after catching some clips on YouTube, he decided that a battery-powered racer was the only way to go. Mynott's team received most of the necessary components from sponsors, including a DC motor that connects to a custom-built aluminum driveshaft and 20 lead-acid AGM batteries.

Though not quite finished, Mynott claims that the truck can jump off the line in a flash and then run down the quarter-mile track in less than 14 seconds. That's not going to shatter any records, but Mynott, along with the group of teens who built this converted dragster, deserve recognition nonetheless. Hit up Autopia's site to check out more pictures of the electric racer.

[Source: Autopia | Image: Wilshire – C.C. License 2.0]

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