French government to deal with those responsible in Renault "spy" case

On Thursday, France's finance and industry ministers issued a statement declaring that the fate of the individuals responsible for Renault's ongoing debacle lies in the hands of the country's government. France, which owns 15 percent of Renault, has called for a widespread investigation into the now-debunked claims that three Renault execs were possibly spying on the automaker.
Shortly after meeting with Renault's chief executive officer, Carlos Ghosn, finance minister Christine Lagarde and industry minister Eric Besson issued this joint statement on behalf of France's government:
The ministers underscored that they will pay close attention to organizational reform and individual responsibility [at Renault] based on the result of the audit.
According to the ministers, this ordeal has embarrassed the nation and France's government will see to it that those who played a role in this distressing fiasco are dealt with.

[Source: Reuters | Image: fdecomite – C.C. License 2.0]

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