Chip Ganassi, we salute you and your underground test track [w/video]

Chip Ganassi's underground test track – Click above to watch video after the jump

Floyd Ganassi Jr, better known as Chip, is a fixture in the motorsports industry. He currently operates vehicles that run IndyCar, NASCAR and Grand-Am races. That requires knowledge of a variety of racing vehicles, and Ganassi has a unique way to test his vehicles – in a mile-long tunnel built into a Pennsylvania hill.

Opened in 1940, the Laurel Hill Tunnel was originally intended to be a railway tunnel before becoming a part of the local turnpike. Ganassi has since turned the tunnel into his own test track. Vehicles run down the straight roadway, hit a pre-determined speed and then coast while aerodynamic forces are measured. At each end of the tunnel sits a turntable so that the vehicle being tested can quickly be rotated and sent back in the other direction.

A hiker walking by the tunnel managed to capture beautiful noises emanating from within, and you can listen in by clicking past the jump. We also recommend heading over to Racecar-Engineering for a detailed look at what's going on underneath this hill in Pennsylvania.

[Source: via Inside Line]

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