CARS 2 introduces Rip Clutchgoneski from New Rearendia

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The latest character from Pixar's upcoming CARS 2 sequel is an open-wheel LMP-style racer (score one for commenters, we agree he looks more Le Mans than F1) from the former European colony of New Rearendia. Rip is the new republic's best hope of getting its name on the map, and he's managed to push his way into the World Grand Prix on the back of some impressive and improbable qualifying wins.

Rip has his work cut out for him, and attributes his successes to luck. The real reason for his success, however, is clearly his immense skill. Rip joins an already extensive cast of cars that make up the the characters of CARS 2.

Watch for Rip and the rest of the Lightning McQueen's new buddies when Disney/Pixar's CARS 2 hits theaters on June 24.

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