Fido electric scooter from Fremont Motors barks up the right tree

Fremont Motors Fido electric scooter – Click above for the high-res image gallery

Could the Fido electric scooter from Fremont motors one day become your best friend? If you value things like practicality, simplicity and a fetching aesthetic, then yes. This freshly-unveiled design is definitely barking up the right city-mobility tree with a 45 miles per hour top speed, removable battery for apartment charging and 35 miles of range (70 with optional boost pack).

With its one-sided wheels, disc brakes and hub motor, maintenance is minimal and the small stowable storage box you can carry as back pack is a great touch. If production hopes for the prototype come through, you should be able to collar one next year for about $5,000. You can keep up with their progress and show them some belly-rubbin' love over on their Facebook page. Check out the detail from all angles in the gallery below.

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[Source: Fremont Motors]

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