Video: How not to judge your speed in a car jump attempt

The incorrect way to gauge your speed for a ramp jump – Click above to watch video after the, ahem, jump

Planning on attempting a ramp jump in an automobile? We have a tip for you: Don't use a Dacia 1310. Why? Apparently it can build up too much speed, causing you and your co-driver to overshoot your landing area. Either that, or you need to reconsider your high school math skills...

Check out this clip from a stunt performed in 1995. We believe it takes place in Romania, and we've also found reports that say both driver and co-driver were okay, which seems to be the case if you watch all the way through the end. That last bit is miraculous because the duo manage to soar quite a bit further than they anticipated. Strap in and come fly with us past the jump to view the clip.

[Source: YouTube]

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