Californians snatch up over 40% of total Chevy Volts sold

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When we last visited the topic of sales figures for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt we reported that a modest 281 of the plug-in hybrids moved off dealers lots during the month of February, about a third of the 928 Volts that have been sold since launch.

With updated numbers now in hand, it looks like General Motors sold 410 Volts to California buyers. A breakdown of the figures shows that buyers in Los Angeles nabbed 227 Volts, those in San Francisco, CA bought 131 and the remaining 52 plug-in hybrids moved off dealer lots in the San Diego area.

With Californians laying claim to nearly half of all of the Volts sold, it's worth re-reading the quote Rob Peterson's recently sent to AutoblogGreen :
Over the next few months we will be shipping Volt dealer demo vehicles and vehicles to our coastal launch markets which takes longer than delivering them to nearby states.
If 40 percent of the Volts are already going to the coast, doesn't this statement seem suspect? Or perhaps misworded.

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[Source: Green Car Congress]

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