Could GM offer a lower-cost, 20-mile range Chevy Volt?

2011 Chevy Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

If the 16 kWh battery is the most expensive part of the $41,000 Chevy Volt, couldn't you seriously reduce the cost of the car by shaving some power from the pack? That's completely possible, say unnamed "insiders" at General Motors, according to Fav Stocks. One source said "we're there" when talking about reducing the MSRP by $10,000 through either re-engineering the Volt, ramping up production or putting in a different battery – or a combination of all three options.

We've asked GM for comment on this possibility but haven't heard anything yet. We can certainly see the appeal of a 20-mile Volt that costs just $31,000 before the federal tax credit (which would be less than $7,500 because the pack would be smaller), but we're unaware of anyone seriously pushing for this kind of vehicle. What about you, though, would you be interested in a chance to buy a baby Volt?

[Source: Fav Stocks]

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