Top-end Tesla Model S will cost $77,000; 5,000 units in all trim levels planned for 2012

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Tesla recently held a celebration in honor of its newest store, located in Milan, Italy. At the event, customers and company-folk mingled while chatting about their favorite electric cars. One of the talking points was the upcoming Model S, and Tesla took the opportunity to give us a few new details about the company's second vehicle.

Deliveries of the North American-market Tesla Model S are scheduled to begin in the mid-2012. Just like with the first 100 Roadsters, the first 1,000 vehicles peeling off the assembly line will be Signature Series cars, which means they're fitted with 300-mile range batteries and identifying options. Once the Signature Series run has been sold, Tesla will continue to produce 300-mile range cars while optional 230-mile and 160-mile Model S sedans will follow later in the year.

The base 160-mile range Tesla Model S will start at $57,000 but a $7,500 tax credit will cut that price to $49,500. Stepping up to the 230-mile range Model S will add $10,000 to the bottom line. The range-topping 300-mile Model S adds $20,000 to the base price. Tesla plans to produce 5,000 units in 2012 before going full-tilt in 2013 with a 20,000 vehicle production run.

Not limited to just the North American market, Tesla will being selling the Model S in Europe during the latter half of 2012. By the middle of 2013, Tesla will have a right-hand-drive version for the rest of Europe and Asia. Those launches will also offer the Signature Series versions.

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