Team Catavolt takes aim at land speed record with 200 mph hopes

Team Catavolt's LSR Daelin – Click above to watch video after the jump

Before Team Catavolt gears up to go road racing in the TTXGP/eFX series, they have a date with the salty stretches of Australia's Lake Gairdner where they will attempt to set a land speed record. Again.

Last year, the team raised the Aussie electric motorcycle high-speed bar to 177 km/h (110 miles per hour) with a bike sporting a single 60 kW (80.46 horsepower) motor. At this year's upcoming Speed Week 2011, the team will be running its road-racing bound Daelin with rider Jake Dolan working the handle bars. Instead of a hub motor though, it will be fitted with four 45 kW (60.35 hp) motors attached to the swingarm to provide enough power for what they hope will be a 200 mph (322 km/h) dash.

If the team hits that mark, it will have set a world record. To get an idea of what the scene should look like, hit the jump for video from last year's run. Then imagine going about twice as fast. To get a better look at their crazy motor set-up, check out the gallery below.

[Source: Team Catavolt]

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