Spy Shots: Mystery Chevrolet sedan... what is it?

Chevrolet Sedan spy shots - Click above for high-res image gallery

Our crack team of spy photographers have managed to set their lenses on an automotive quandary. Reports from the field say that this particular machine was spotted last year wearing even more camouflage, and that at the time, it was suspected that the vehicle could be the sedan successor to the Aveo. Now, though, we've seen the four-door Sonic that's heading to our market later this year, so our guess is that this particular vehicle isn't aiming to take the States.

That still doesn't answer exactly what the pint-sized four door is, nor does it give us any idea of where the production version will touch down.

There's some indication that General Motors is readying a new compact fighter to tango in markets in South America, India and China, and that the checkerboard prototype you see above is that very vehicle. Still, with the Sonic being manufactured in Korea, we have to wonder why GM would be interested in pursuing an additional model for the rest of Asia. We'll keep our ears down and our eyes open and let you know what we find.

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