Report: Ecclestone wants fake rain to make F1 racing more exciting

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone seems to believe he has a recipe to make his sport a bit more entertaining, and it involves heaping buckets of artificial rain. That's right – no longer content to simply play with KERS and points systems, Ecclestone has reportedly turned his attentions towward bending weather to his will.

The F1 honcho says that overtaking in the dry is nearly impossible thanks to marbles on the course, but the instant things turn wet, the racing gets more exciting by the second. Some tracks are already outfitted with systems to water down the tarmac, and Ecclestone says that it would be relatively simple to fit other courses with irrigation.

While speaking with the official F1 website, Ecclestone said that he could imagine flooding tracks for 20 minutes during the middle of a race or for the last 10 laps with a two-minute warning.

Why not just drop Sebastian Vettel and the rest of the F1 gang in row boats and make them paddle around the Seine? We're sure that would be plenty entertaining, and probably a good bit safer. Thanks for the tip, Andre!

[Source: Yahoo Sport | Image: Clive Mason/Getty]

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