Cause to keep Mitsubishi Evo alive and pure pops up on the web

Speculation surrounding the Mitsubishi Evolution has reached a fever pitch over the last few days. Has the Lancer Evolution reached the end of the line? Is Mitsubishi going to produce a new version that utilizes a hybrid powertrain? We don't have an answer, but we do know that fans of the Evo are scared. The object of their affection has potentially met its demise. In an effort to show how much the car would be missed, a group of Evo-lovers have banded together to show support for the car they so-admire.

The title reads "Mitsubishi, Keep the Evo Alive" and it's for an online petition to show the tri-diamond automaker how much its sports sedan will be missed. If you want to join in and show support, head over to the site and join the cause. If you prefer the dirt-drift action of a Subaru, then lean back in your chair, don't click anything and cackle wildly.


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