Lewis Hamilton to swap cars with Tony Stewart?

Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton will take the wheel of Tony Stewart's #14 NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet at Watkins Glen. For lending Hamilton his car, Stewart will get the opportunity to try out the 2010 McLaren MP4-25. While both men are likely to come away shaky in the knees and with a better understanding of each other's racing worlds (as did Jeff Gordon and Juan Pablo Montoya when an earlier swap was arranged) this isn't just two random pals tossing their respective keys to each other.

The common link between Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart is sponsor Mobil1 – the same petrochemical company who had the former rendered in its own oils in the painting at right. According to ESPN, the swap, which will happen as an exhibition this summer, won't be a boulevard cruise. Both cars will have their respective race teams travelling with them for tuning, giving Stewart and Hamilton the opportunity to fully terrorize themselves in these two very disparate race cars. Thanks for the tip, David!

[Source: ESPN | Image: Exxon Mobil]

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