How soon is it safe to drive after a stroke?

According to Consumer Reports, researchers have discovered that three simple tests at the doctor's office can accurately determine whether a stroke victim is fit to begin driving again. These tests take under 15 minutes and can effectively classify 80 to 85 percent of drivers who would have failed an on-road evaluation.

The first test assesses traffic knowledge and visual comprehension via road-sign recognition, while the second measures visual-perceptual and mental speed in a compass test. Finally, a trail-marking test is used to indicate visual-motor tracking and visual scanning abilities. If the individual being evaluated scores below 8.5/12 points on the first evaluation, 25/32 points on the second or takes more than 90 seconds on the trail-marking examination, chances are he or she would fail a road test.

The study was published in the journal of the American Academy of Neurology and included information from 30 previous trials. A total of 1,728 stroke victims with an average age of 61 were involved in the research.

[Source: Consumer Reports | Image: Skip Nall/Getty]

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