Acoustivision upgrades your rear window with big dBs

Bass notes created from vibrating glass seem farfetched? Not in Magna International's world. The automotive supplier has developed a new technology dubbed Acoustivision that converts your rear window into a sub-woofer, while simultaneously keeping the noise packed inside so you won't bother the neighbors.

The technology uses a piezoelectric actuator – a bar shaped device that receives signal from an audio system – and transmits it to highly sensitive springs that run along the bottom of the window, causing it to vibrate with music. Two exciters are also at the base of the window, which are used to help synthesize harmonics of low frequency signals to help simulate deep bass. Helping boost the stereo signal from 12 volts to 200, is an amplifier attached to the trunk.

Although the design doesn't eliminate the need for a set of tweeters, it eliminates the need for a massive sub-woofer in the trunk. Cutting the vehicle's weight and amount of electrical current improves fuel economy, so not only does it sound good, but its economical. And as a bonus, the technology drastically reduces the amount of noise heard outside the car.

The technology is still in its early stages of development, so we won't be seeing this technology next year, or the year after that. Nevertheless, Acoustivision is hoping to land a contract in the near future. If this happens soon, we can hope to see production as early as 2015.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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