Porsche buffs go searching for great German beer... deep in the heart of Texas?

A good roadtrip needs a few items for success; great people, interesting destinations and, of course, the right vehicles. We can't vouch for the people on a personal level in this tale, but Autoweek took on a Texas roadtrip and seems to have gotten the ingredients just right. How do six tuned Porsches, 800 miles and four breweries sound? As long as the drinking is done when the driving is finished (which of course it was), then you would be correct to say it sounds like heaven on earth.

Autoweek's Jeff Bolton embarked on a quest for good German beer, using good German sports cars to shuttle him around the Great State of Texas. Starting in Dallas, the crew moves about until they end up in Shiner, Texas, where they chat with long-time brewmaster Jimmy Mauric.

If roadtrips were eligible for awards, this Texas Porsche beer run would be an early front-runner for Best of 2011. Head over to Autoweek to read about the trip, and be sure to check out the video as well.

[Source: Autoweek]

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